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E-Zine: Leisure-B - Live In Space

Leisure-B reports back to mission control with a hybrid video / mp3 release, supported by an extensive tutorial on the recording process.

E-Zine: Using a iPad to control Logic (or any DAW)

Found a nice video by the folks over at The video is a tutorial including scripts explaining how to control logic via your iPad.

E-Zine: Harmonic quantizing: The Schwarzonator for Live

Some people just don't seem able to understand harmonic structure. Now these people can play the piano and no one will ever notice their complete lack of insight!

E-Zine: cheap USB to MIDI

I found a nice website with some DIY projects. A nice cheap interface for USB to MIDI conversion was a little something i thought I'd share.

E-Zine: Video: Triggering your mouse via MIDI

Nope, Trigger Mouse is not a new emo band, its a fun way to musically alter any source thats click able on your computer, via midi.

E-Zine: MIDI, midi, midi!

Created back in '83 by the synthesizer giants in Asia, MIDI is an ancient technique used to control (parameter) data.

E-Zine: Beatbox to midi

The idea of tapping a beat on your desk, beatboxing a groovy break and then tweak the hell out of it with plug-ins... I like it! Let's check out some free stuff claiming to enable you to intuitively rap&tap a beat.

E-Zine: Joystick to midi

An overview of available free plug-ins that can convert your joystick to a midi controller.