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Download: The Country Of Flowers (part 2)

Part 2 of Mentz' amazing travels through the music of the USSR label Melodiya. A must hear for any real fan of decent music.

Download: The Country Of Flowers (part 1)

An mp3 version of Mentz' excellent mix of his exquisite selection of selected beauties from the infamous ex-sovjet Melodiya label.

E-Zine: Mentz - The country of flowers Mix

I have been listening to a mix by our trusted friend and Humanworkshop artist Mentz. Music with a story.

Download: HWS Set 2013

Exclusive Humanworkshop label showcase mix by Mr. Anwser for the Belgium radio show "Down met de Dannies".

E-Zine: New mix by Mentz

A lovely mix by our own mentz - like always with a great twist.

E-Zine: Updated Mp3 Update Pack!

We now feature a new RAR file containing all the Mp3s on the site, including the new releases! 16 Eps and 6 albums, free of charge.

E-Zine: Mentz - Piani EP HWSd 020

A fresh release by Mentz. Open your finest bottle, light your smoke, kick back and hit repeat!

E-Zine: Christmas is coming!

Its christmas, and in true holiday spirit Humanworkshop is spreading some musical gifts. 3 free net-releases by Maartez Mentz and Damscray!

E-Zine: 3 New Net-Releases

The best way to start your year will be downloading our holiday special. The selection; Damscray, Maartez & Mentz!