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Download: Dinky Toy Driveby Mix

Remix of BASIC's Dinky Toy, by BASIC's new moniker Mr Answer.

Download: DJ Set 3

Highly uplifting blend of breaks, instrumental hiphop and uptempo aggressive beats.

Download: DJ set 2

This set is longer and easier as his first born brother, but also contains more nuance. A great blend of steady old school and modern electronics. Tracklist: 1. BASIC - Dinky Toy 2. Harmonic 33 - Moompah 3. Slicker - Zead 4. BASIC - Tr

Download: DJ set 1

Mr Hendriks mixes up the set once more with this exquisite blend of modern and way back music, just to put you in the right mood. Tracklist: 01. BASIC - Do you know the word 02. Pedro - Fear & Resilience 03. Hereldeduke - Montpeluena 04.