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Download: Rubato

A lovely track by Oskilator completely free! Not something we have grown accustom to from the lads. No big twisted bass lines with punchy drums. Rather lazy guitar with glitchy yet jazzy drums. And with a special surprise instrument...

E-Zine: Caveone - Upgraded

Canadian electronic music artist Caveone debutes on Humanworkshop with the brand spankin’ new five track EP Upgraded.

Download: The Next Step

Minimalistic dark and immersive track with a medieval aftertaste.

Download: On The Shore Of Uncertainty

Slow dreamy track with an seemingly endless amount of neuro bass waves hitting a slow percussive shore.

Download: Sunday Jam

Dark rocksteady track which brings the noise in a humane and persuasive way.

E-Zine: Some real McFreaky $hit

Want to see some real ''2.0'' Freddy Krüger arse stuff? This documentary takes you through the rabbit hole of the Apple, and beyond...

Download: Do you know the word -> Original unreleased version

The original version of 'Do you know the word', the title track of BASIC's (r.i.p.) solo album . Now released to the hungry public to celebrate the Death of BASIC.

Download: Talk to me

Yet another unfinished tune from winter 2004. Quite an emotional little tune actually. Give it a shot.

Download: Fulgent Retoric Things

A beautiful, one-off tune from 2003, with crisp sound and jazzy mood.