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Download: Horizons

Soft and dark soundscape created with guitar, rhodes and a crapload of gear.

E-Zine: Leisure-B - Live In Space

Leisure-B reports back to mission control with a hybrid video / mp3 release, supported by an extensive tutorial on the recording process.

Download: Bass Pack (live)

Another version of Bass Pack, kicking ass as always. Lyrics "Tried by 12" by "East Flatbush Project".

Download: Ninja (live)

One of the best track to perform live, can't wait to do this on a stage!

Download: Thumbs Up (live)

Never being released, this is a track that does best when performed in a live situation. Funky horns and spacy atmospherics create an overall party track.

Download: Didge 0.3.2 (live)

The live version of Didge 0.3.2 differs from the original mostly by a muting of a lot of elements. Unlike most other tracks, Didge seems to sound best live when it's presented in parts.

Download: fret_1 (live)

This live version of the infamous fret_1 is longer, and goes deeper than the original track. A great example of what the set up can do.

Download: Opium (live)

This live version of Indikings' Opium tries to take the funkyness of the original one step further.

Download: Bass = Axe (live)

This track has been on the shelves for quite a while now, and, apart from the live version, won't be released. Somehow it ony sounds good when tweaked ;)

Download: Leptir (live)

A slow and heavy intro track for the diverse Live In Space track line-up. The original version was first featured on B-Film Ltd - Live @ My House.

Live In Space (The album)

Since most people don't just like a certain song, but rather a particular version or cover of a composition, this leaves a wide gap for composers and producers of electronic music. With the Live In Space set up, Leisure tried to create a live environ

Download: Live In Space

The complete version of Live In Space as a single mp3 file.

E-Zine: Youtube + HWS = Full length Live Videos

Youtube sent us a note saying they lifted our upload limit. This means full length live sets from now on!

Download: Dubstep Mix

With Andy on the Traktor, and Leisure-B on the KP 3, this mix satisfies all your dubstep needs.

Download: Whore Crabs

Download: Vulgar Vomit (live)

Download: Stribbel Remix (live)

Download: Kick The Box (live)

Download: Godless (live)

& Frits Live @ Stork Radio (The album)

Maartez and Frits are both talented musicians that have found an exceptional way of combining live instruments (Frits on drum) and electronic music (Maartez laptop).

Piani EP (The album)

Mentz has graced us with another lovely 'n dusty EP. Open your finest bottle, light your smoke, kick back and hit repeat!

E-Zine: Christmas is coming!

Its christmas, and in true holiday spirit Humanworkshop is spreading some musical gifts. 3 free net-releases by Maartez Mentz and Damscray!

E-Zine: Usine Multi touch demonstration

Usine is a nifty piece of software that can act as a host or VST and is geared towards live performances and multi touch screen interfaces.

Download: Live @ Tronic

Great liveset by Dextro. Performed at Tronic in 2008. Dextro's music is a combination of ambient melodies and down tempo beats.

Download: Dubstep Mix Live @ Vishuddha

Our Australian friend & Dubstep meastro Lysdexic sent us another recording of a live set. This time performed @ Vishuddha. Highly recommended!

E-Zine: DIY Multi-touch screen

Building your own touchscreen has been quite the hype on the interwebs. The DIY projects out there can be very good and it does not have to be that expensive!

Download: Shrink in the Bushes (live)

From Daan Hendriks @ Jetto Festival

Download: Benin Cut-throats (live)

From Daan Hendriks @ Jetto Festival

Download: Psilocataclysm (live)

From Daan Hendriks @ Jetto Festival

Download: Asa Nisi Masa (live)

Live version of The 5th Season's Asa Nisi Masa, from Remus @ LVC.

Download: Sfeertje (live)

Download: Simon Q (live)

Recording of Leisure-B, Tonfilm and ThorLtd jamming live at home.

Download: Thumbs Up (live)

Download: Kill Pain (live)

Download: Didge (live)

Recording of Leisure-B, Tonfilm and ThorLtd jamming live at home.

Download: Larse (live)

Download: Exerpt Ambiance (live)

Recording of Leisure-B, Tonfilm and ThorLtd jamming live at home.

Download: Leptir (live)

Download: Move It (live)

Download: Bass Pack (live)

Download: Matrix (live)

Download: DŁnya Son (live)

Download: Simon Q (live)

Download: Akira vs. Konono (live)

Download: Kill Pain (live)

Download: Didge (live)

Download: Thumbs Up (live)

Download: Larse (live)

Download: If Then Else (live)

Download: Exerpt Ambiance (live)

Download: Battle vs. Clown

A mash-up of those extremely captivating Akira soundtrack percussion and vocal lines.

Download: Bass Pack [Tried by 12 remix]

Leisure-B's D&B remix with lyrics of East Flatbush Projets all time classic "Tried by 12". Check out the YouTube video on the recording here.

Download: Live at My House

In a joint effort to accomplish a new degree in funky experimental music, Humanworkshop artists B-Film (Leisure-B and Tonfilm) and ThorLtd teamed up. As B-Film Ltd they present a combination of their feel for electronic music, as well as indulging in

Download: Live @ Studio-80

Remus live @ the first edition of Other Stuff To Dance To. Late at night, dark and dodgy!

Download: live @ Jetto Festival

This live set grabs hold of you and won't let go - it is uplifting, strong and highly enjoyable. Recorded when he was still performing under the moniker BASIC, Daan Hendriks mashes up some of his best work with exclusive live tunes in almost too shor

Download: Humanworkshop Mashup - Tryout nr. 1

One of BASIC's early steps into the realm of mixing, mashing up Humanworkshop tunes into some sort of MP3J-set. Basically he's just playing around with a couple of his favourite oldies by Remus and Leisure-B, and himself.

Download: Live @ Festival a.d. Werf

Remus kicking butt at the Festival a/d Werf in Utrecht.

Download: Because I CAN Stop (live)

From Leisure-B @ Mellow Gold

Download: BASIC and Remus live collaboration 09/04/05

First collaboration of Remus and BASIC, live at the )toon) festival. More info overhere

Download: live @ Toon Festival (2004)

BASIC being in great shape here with a dub-fueled and resonant set at )toon) festival 2004. This set differs hugely from any other BASIC work we have on record.

Download: Live 09/04/04 @ )toon)

Recording of Remus performing at the Dutch )toon) festival. More info overhere

Download: Ricochet (live)

Download: Akira vs. Konono (live)

From Daan Hendriks @ Jetto Festival

Download: Give Me Your Love (illegal remix / live)

From Daan Hendriks @ Jetto Festival

Download: More Afro (live)

From Daan Hendriks @ Jetto Festival

Download: Trust Us (live)

Download: Cuttle Fish (live)

From Daan Hendriks @ Jetto Festival

Download: There Ain't No Girls Like Us (live)

From Daan Hendriks @ Jetto Festival

Download: Mollusc (live)

From Daan Hendriks @ Jetto Festival

Download: Live on No Breaks Radio, 26-11-04

A dirty and pumping set, as performed on No Breaks radio []. yo we've

Download: Live, October 3rd 2004

Recording of BASIC's live set on October 3rd, 2004.