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E-Zine: FM8 Wobble Bass Tutorial

Since itís been a while since we published a free tutorial, we figured now would be a good time to bring you some FM8 action.

E-Zine: Placebo Tweaks

Every engineer has once in his life tweaked an eq to perfection, only to find out later it was bypassed. If you haven't had this, you're lying! A great talk about what works and what doesn't.

E-Zine: The Shuffled LFO tut

Like any ol' dubstepper, we were wondering what might be the next step up the ladder of funkiness. As an answer this tutorial won't suffice, but it might just point you in the right direction.

E-Zine: HWS under the hood: Tim van de Laar

To give you some insight into our daily routines, we've decided to start a series of interviews with HWS crew and artists. This first edition features keyboardist and composer Tim van de Laar.

E-Zine: Mike Patton scored Crank 2

For people who think composing soundtracks is all fun and games, they seem to be absolutely right! Mike shows you how to keep your working conditions playful.

E-Zine: How to: Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up PART2

You've seen the original Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up how to. Now feast you're eyes on this in depth Ableton tut which takes it even one step further.

E-Zine: Good Copy Bad Copy

As we all know by know, copyright is dying a slow and painful death. This 2007 documentary takes an in depth look at how things could have gotten so out of hand.

E-Zine: Harmonic quantizing: The Schwarzonator for Live

Some people just don't seem able to understand harmonic structure. Now these people can play the piano and no one will ever notice their complete lack of insight!

E-Zine: Familiar Sounds

Did you ever recognise samples in a song and just couldn't figure out where they're from? This website tells you everything.

E-Zine: 3 Free Kontakt Instruments

We have tweaked single shot samples into complete chromatic pad instruments and step sequenced synth leads.

E-Zine: Music from a tree

This video will blow you away - music made from recordings of a tree. It sounds highly original and truly organic.

E-Zine: TChallenge - music and sound design

Here's another example of bespoke sound design and music production recently completed by Humanworkshop.

E-Zine: Mole Control beta trailer

Check out this first trailer of the game Mole Control. Humanworkshop created the music and sound effects for this game.

E-Zine: Crisis hits TapeOp

One of the best music production magazines TapeOp, is forced to stop its free postal distribution in Europe. The Uk and US keep their free subscription option.

E-Zine: A pencil that lets you draw audio

The drawdio is a pencil that enables you to draw musical instruments on any surface to then play them with your finger...

E-Zine: Stretch your heart out

Paulstretch 2.0, or Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch, is a free standalone app that does exactly what it promises: extreme time stretching. It's absolutely brilliant for raw sound effects creation, and certainly also offers a lot of musical potential.

E-Zine: Sliiiiinky

Spring reverb taken to an extreme! This is no ordinary spring, it is the Slinky 21 meter/71 foot long spring. Miked up with two piezo speakers the result is really astonishing.

E-Zine: Subharmonic OSC Tutorial

Did your ever wonder where those enormous rumbles come from whenever spaceships enter our solar system? The sub basses in movies are often that low and loud that you can really feel them. This effect is often accomplished by using a Subharmonic Os

E-Zine: EQ Tutorial

In this tutorial we look at the qualities of an EQ and what it can do for your mix. If you follow all these steps you will be on your way making fat, dynamic sounds! In order to get some knowledge of what an EQ can do for you lets cover some of the b