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E-Zine: Caveone - Upgraded

Canadian electronic music artist Caveone debutes on Humanworkshop with the brand spankiní new five track EP Upgraded.

Download: That Smile Says It All

Dark housey track accompanied by a string quartet and and a deep neuro bass.

Download: The Next Step

Minimalistic dark and immersive track with a medieval aftertaste.

Download: On The Shore Of Uncertainty

Slow dreamy track with an seemingly endless amount of neuro bass waves hitting a slow percussive shore.

Download: Sunday Jam

Dark rocksteady track which brings the noise in a humane and persuasive way.

Download: Waiting For

Funky up beat track with a heavy neuro bass and rich instrumental backings.

Download: Spud

Big and heavy neurohop track from the Audeka trio.

Download: Intangible

lovely vocals and atmosphere's combined with detailed percussion make this a special track.

Download: Coil

Another gem by frequent. Deep basses and lovely dreamy vox'