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Download: Almost There

While having a conversation with Leisure, Damscray mentioned that he missed Leisure's old trip-hoppy style, and noted that he would like to hear another track like back in the days. Leisure went to work, and "Almost There" is the result. A slow and i

Download: Akira vs. Konono (live)

Download: Do you know the word -> Original unreleased version

The original version of 'Do you know the word', the title track of BASIC's (r.i.p.) solo album . Now released to the hungry public to celebrate the Death of BASIC.

Download: DŁnya Son

Another slow but heavy one. Thanks to a little help from Turkish singer Chilled Bazooka, this one is guaranteed to bust all the clubs in Ankara!

Download: Cuttle Fish (live)

From Daan Hendriks @ Jetto Festival

Download: Dinky Toy

This is the third track from the Humanworkshop #1 CD by artist BASIC. The song is quite groovy, almost like ethiopian jazz, with rolling breaks and catchy solo's. Check it out before we remove it from the free downloads list!