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E-Zine: Ujo artist interview with Leisure-B

Ujo was looking for people to discuss their new product line with, and Leisure was happy to oblige!

E-Zine: Placebo Tweaks

Every engineer has once in his life tweaked an eq to perfection, only to find out later it was bypassed. If you haven't had this, you're lying! A great talk about what works and what doesn't.

E-Zine: MIDI, midi, midi!

Created back in '83 by the synthesizer giants in Asia, MIDI is an ancient technique used to control (parameter) data.

E-Zine: DIY Multi-touch screen

Building your own touchscreen has been quite the hype on the interwebs. The DIY projects out there can be very good and it does not have to be that expensive!

E-Zine: Create mirrors of websites easily...

Inspired by the fact we just launched a new site, and therefore revisited some of our old pages from way back, we felt the need to make mirrors of those. Here's how it's done easily...

E-Zine: Stretch your heart out

Paulstretch 2.0, or Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch, is a free standalone app that does exactly what it promises: extreme time stretching. It's absolutely brilliant for raw sound effects creation, and certainly also offers a lot of musical potential.

E-Zine: PhotoSynth

The Notre Dame in 3d, made out out of photos taken by random people who uploaded them to Flickr. See a nice video about this amazing piece of software.

E-Zine: Beatbox to midi

The idea of tapping a beat on your desk, beatboxing a groovy break and then tweak the hell out of it with plug-ins... I like it! Let's check out some free stuff claiming to enable you to intuitively rap&tap a beat.

E-Zine: Free pure tuning VST

Pure tuning is a tuning method not based on compromises in the intervals between the tones. And its FREE!