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E-Zine: Children Of The Nautilus

After creating the THX Sphere trailer, EQUILOUD and Leisure-B got their heads together to create the next mind blowing audiovisual Humanworkshop demo.

E-Zine: Caveone - Upgraded

Canadian electronic music artist Caveone debutes on Humanworkshop with the brand spankin’ new five track EP Upgraded.

Download: The Next Step

Minimalistic dark and immersive track with a medieval aftertaste.

Download: On The Shore Of Uncertainty

Slow dreamy track with an seemingly endless amount of neuro bass waves hitting a slow percussive shore.

Download: Sunday Jam

Dark rocksteady track which brings the noise in a humane and persuasive way.

E-Zine: Uwe and Gerrit create THX Sphere trailer

If you’re hungry for spectacular graphics and mind boggling sound effects, Humanworkshop serves you just the right dish.

E-Zine: Steelan Intangible Remix

We got a very nice email this week about a Remix of a Frequent track. Come over and have a listen.

E-Zine: New release by Audeka

Down for some heavy sound design drenched bass music? Audeka brings the goods.

E-Zine: Way To The Nautilus in print

This month’s edition of designer magazine Page features a 2 page story featuring our very own Way To The Nautilus.

Tail Chaser (The album)

The Tail Chaser EP is the latest sonic expedition from the mad mind of Frequent, who's unique sound design and consistently mind-blowing musical architecture have netted him releases on Adapted Records, Ammunition Recordings and now on Humanworkshop

E-Zine: Way To The Nautilus

EQUILOUD and Leisure-B have been at it again. In this brand new animation they explore the audiovisual way to the nautilus.

E-Zine: Humanworkshop Intro

EQUILOUD created a new intro animation and Leisure supplied it with some sound. FM8 Presets of all sounds are available for download.

E-Zine: Building the Ton-Kraft Studio

After all the time we spent making music and doing sound design, we got to learn a little this and that about creating an optimal audio space. In this tutorial series we’ll share the knowledge.

E-Zine: FM8 Wobble Bass Tutorial

Since it’s been a while since we published a free tutorial, we figured now would be a good time to bring you some FM8 action.

E-Zine: Placebo Tweaks

Every engineer has once in his life tweaked an eq to perfection, only to find out later it was bypassed. If you haven't had this, you're lying! A great talk about what works and what doesn't.

E-Zine: Monolith

Animator Wip Vernooij teamed up with Leisure-B for his sound design, and old times sake, in this abstract dramady animation shorty short.

E-Zine: Ableton Live with Video - fret_1 continues

In this tutorial the fret_1 arrangement gets taken apart, and we show you how to create music and sound effects for video in Ableton Live.

E-Zine: THX Sound Logo's

THX is a trade name of a high-fidelity audio/visual reproduction standard introduced by George Lucas. And it has some nifty sound logo's

E-Zine: fret_1 extras: VJ clips & bass programming tut

Discover how the bass-line programming was done for the soundtrack of the fret_1 video, and download a couple of exclusive VJ clips while you're at it.

E-Zine: Cinema 4D meets Ableton Live: fret_1

Cinema 4D Specialist Usselino and Leisure-B got together and combined their talents to create a little nugget of video Joy. Free presets included!

Download: fret_1

A music track for short video by Usselino, which was originally based on Autechre's "Vose In". Sweet and epic... More info and Massive presets available here.

E-Zine: The Shuffled LFO tut

Like any ol' dubstepper, we were wondering what might be the next step up the ladder of funkiness. As an answer this tutorial won't suffice, but it might just point you in the right direction.

E-Zine: Style 4 Life

Chico Grande came to us again in need of music and sound design for a short introduction video. As always, we were happy to oblige in style.

E-Zine: Tea Ceremony

Not quite the coffee type? This video will make you indulge in your love for a honest cup of tea!

E-Zine: Hollywood vs. NY

Watch how NY gets destroyed by apocalyptic forces of nature and dystopian massacre. This time without the sound design or the Hollywood(edge) soundtrack.

E-Zine: Life Without Harold

The new short film by Henning Worm featuring music by Humanworkshop artists Damscray, Tonfilm and Remus.

E-Zine: Sound Design for Websites

A nice pdf about the emerging market for sound designers; websites.

E-Zine: Develop magazine game audio special

Develop is a free-to-download magazine that focuses on the games industry and development side of things. This month it features a game audio special.

E-Zine: World's most famous 'sound designer' put behind bars

This news is a few weeks old already, but worth mentioning here for the people who are not aware... Brice Carrington, the biggest con artist of all time in the sound industry, has finally been put behind bars.

E-Zine: New Nissan cars with futuristic 'Bladerunner' engine sound

Some lawmakers want hybrid and electric cars to become noisier, to increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists. Nissan's answer to this: give their upcoming Leaf cars a Bladerunner-type sound effect.

E-Zine: Blind Sounds Trailer

Yet another update to our portfolio. Humanworkshop and Raoul Santos are working on a short film about a blind rogue who lives/works in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

E-Zine: Music from a tree

This video will blow you away - music made from recordings of a tree. It sounds highly original and truly organic.

E-Zine: TChallenge - music and sound design

Here's another example of bespoke sound design and music production recently completed by Humanworkshop.

E-Zine: Mole Control beta trailer

Check out this first trailer of the game Mole Control. Humanworkshop created the music and sound effects for this game.

E-Zine: Dark Sector vegetable abuse

Dark Sector is a third-person shooter, which means the sound design contains a lot of gut spilling, head smashing and neck breaking sounds. How do they do it?

E-Zine: Sound Design competition at Mix Magazine

Aspiring and professional sound designers alike should pay attention: Mix Magazine launched a competition with a 6000 dollar sound library as prize.

E-Zine: Virtual sound is on its way

An article in New Scientist describes how two scientists use 20 quad-core Xeon processors for around four hours to simulate nine seconds of babbling water sound.

E-Zine: A pencil that lets you draw audio

The drawdio is a pencil that enables you to draw musical instruments on any surface to then play them with your finger...

E-Zine: Stretch your heart out

Paulstretch 2.0, or Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch, is a free standalone app that does exactly what it promises: extreme time stretching. It's absolutely brilliant for raw sound effects creation, and certainly also offers a lot of musical potential.

E-Zine: Sliiiiinky

Spring reverb taken to an extreme! This is no ordinary spring, it is the Slinky 21 meter/71 foot long spring. Miked up with two piezo speakers the result is really astonishing.

E-Zine: Subharmonic OSC Tutorial

Did your ever wonder where those enormous rumbles come from whenever spaceships enter our solar system? The sub basses in movies are often that low and loud that you can really feel them. This effect is often accomplished by using a Subharmonic Os

E-Zine: EQ Tutorial

In this tutorial we look at the qualities of an EQ and what it can do for your mix. If you follow all these steps you will be on your way making fat, dynamic sounds! In order to get some knowledge of what an EQ can do for you lets cover some of the b