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E-Zine: Building the Ton-Kraft Studio

After all the time we spent making music and doing sound design, we got to learn a little this and that about creating an optimal audio space. In this tutorial series well share the knowledge.

E-Zine: FM8 Wobble Bass Tutorial

Since its been a while since we published a free tutorial, we figured now would be a good time to bring you some FM8 action.

E-Zine: Leisure-B - Live In Space

Leisure-B reports back to mission control with a hybrid video / mp3 release, supported by an extensive tutorial on the recording process.

E-Zine: Bass Resampling Tutorial Series

Another in depth look at bass creation with Durk - This time explaining resampling.

E-Zine: fret_1 extras: Cinema 4D & After FX tutorial

In this final fret_1 extra's series, motion grapher Uwe Schweer-Lambers explains some techniques he used for the fret_1 video.

E-Zine: Ableton Live with Video - fret_1 continues

In this tutorial the fret_1 arrangement gets taken apart, and we show you how to create music and sound effects for video in Ableton Live.

E-Zine: fret_1 extras: VJ clips & bass programming tut

Discover how the bass-line programming was done for the soundtrack of the fret_1 video, and download a couple of exclusive VJ clips while you're at it.

E-Zine: The Shuffled LFO tut

Like any ol' dubstepper, we were wondering what might be the next step up the ladder of funkiness. As an answer this tutorial won't suffice, but it might just point you in the right direction.

E-Zine: Using a iPad to control Logic (or any DAW)

Found a nice video by the folks over at The video is a tutorial including scripts explaining how to control logic via your iPad.

E-Zine: How to: Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up PART2

You've seen the original Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up how to. Now feast you're eyes on this in depth Ableton tut which takes it even one step further.

E-Zine: cheap USB to MIDI

I found a nice website with some DIY projects. A nice cheap interface for USB to MIDI conversion was a little something i thought I'd share.

E-Zine: Fast HD access with Samsung SSD

Is it possible to rip a DVD faster than it would take to toss it out of a first floor window? It seems so!

E-Zine: Portable Mini Vocal Booth

In this tutorial we will make a DIY portable mini vocal booth that can be used to record your voice on the road

E-Zine: DIY Multi-touch screen

Building your own touchscreen has been quite the hype on the interwebs. The DIY projects out there can be very good and it does not have to be that expensive!

E-Zine: Subharmonic OSC Tutorial

Did your ever wonder where those enormous rumbles come from whenever spaceships enter our solar system? The sub basses in movies are often that low and loud that you can really feel them. This effect is often accomplished by using a Subharmonic Os

E-Zine: EQ Tutorial

In this tutorial we look at the qualities of an EQ and what it can do for your mix. If you follow all these steps you will be on your way making fat, dynamic sounds! In order to get some knowledge of what an EQ can do for you lets cover some of the b

E-Zine: DIY Notebook Stand

Solve your problems of not having enough space for your keyboard (even as little as 25 keys can get in the way). Check it!

E-Zine: Debug Mode: DIY green Screen Editing

So you want to make a movie like the pros? Using green screen editing? It's all free (besides the actual green screen itself) with this program.

E-Zine: DIY Mic

On a budget? Bored, like to mess around with gear and have a soldering fetish? Check out this DIY photo tutorial.