Drums in the Logic EXS vst instrument (Tutorial was made in Logic Audio 5.3, but will also be working for all Logic Audio versions between 4.6 and 5.5.1)

This tutorial is meant for people who have limited knowledge of Logic but who have worked with the program before, and are aware of the basic audio editing and mixer window funtctions in Logic Audio. If you have never worked with logic audio before, we advise you to use the offical Logic EXS vst instrument tutorial which is also available on our site at www.humanworkshop.com.

# 1: To keep things a little simple we decided to start of with a new arrangement and we advise you to do the same thing, so the first step in this tutorial is to open a new arrangement in Logic by clicking "File -> New".

# 2: Open your arrangement (if it isn't allready open), and double-click the "AudioInst 1" (as shown in the picture).

# 3: In the "Mixer Window" (which will open at step # 2) choose "AudioInst 1" and keep the mouse pressed (as shown in the picture): A menu will pop-up (see: step # 4).

# 4: In the window first select stereo (or mono if that is what you need), then Logic and finaly, click the EXS24.

# 5: After step 4, the logic EXS 24 will open. In the silver panel, select the "edit" button (as shown in the picture).

# 6: Now, in the top menu, select: "Instrument -> New" (a new instrument will open in the back).

# 7: Directly after step # 6, again in the top menu, select: "Zone -> Load multi samples".

# 8: In your drum folder select your favorite drum-samples and add them to your file-list by double-clicking the file name. Be sure to select all the samples you will eventually need, because it is not so easy to ad another sample to the sampler after you have fininshed step # 9.

# 9: Logic will ask you how you want to place the samples. Since you are using drumsamples from different packs (so without any keynotes or zone ranges) we will use the "Chromatic" option to put the notes under the keyboard. This will put the samples you have selected under the keyboard sorted on file name, starting at C1.

# 10: Before you can use your new "Samper Instrument" in the Logic EXS sampler, you first have to save it under the name "drums". If an instrument is not saved, you will not be able to select it in step # 12.

# 11: Now open your EXS 24 (if it isn't allready open). Keep the mouse pressed on the black screen in the top of the silver panel, a menu will pop-up (see step #12).

# 12: In the menu, select the sampler instrument you have just saved (we called it "drums").

# 13: Now you are ready to use the EXS 24 sampler in your arrangement. In order to do this, open you arrangement and make a new block on AdioInst 1 with your "pencil tool".

# 14: Open the "matrix editor" for the block you have created in step #13 and put in some notes. You should allready be able to hear the EXS 24 by clicking the piano roll. Don't forget to select the "AudioInst 1" track in your arrangement, or you won't hear a thing.

Extra: In your EXS 24 sampler instrument (the one we created was called "drums), which you can reach by first opening your EXS 24, and then clicking edit, you can also edit your "zones". Every sample in the EXS 24 gets loaded in a "zone". A basic expination of the features of a "zone".

Audio File Select the Audio File you want to use for this zone.
Key Note The key where the sample will play-back at normal speed.
Zone Range The range over which the sample will be spread.
One Shot Play your sample in "one shot" or as long as the hote in your arrangement is drawn.
E Press this button if you want to open the sample editor.
Tune Tune the pitch of your sample in half-notes or in cents.

Hopefully this will have solved your problems loading drums-samples in your EXS 24. If you still have any problems please visit our support forum at www.humanworkshop.com.