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CDs / Vynil

  1. Humanworkshop 1

    This is one of those rare albums that appeals to virtually anyone who listens to it. It is our best selling release to date, and continues to receive praise from all corners of the world.

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  2. The 5th Season

    Warm, calm, mysterious yet accessible: those are but a few terms that apply to the sound of The 5th Season. Flamenco guitar morphed with off-beat electronica and wide orchestral sweeps, this album is both traditional and futuristic.

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  3. Do You Know The Word

    BASIC’s style is defined by strong, steady hiphop- and breakbeats, atmospheric sound layers and ethnic flute melodies. He has a clever and deceptive way of extending the groovy characteristics of his style towards heavily detailed, deep and organic music.

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  4. The Way In

    Dutch jazz renegades Trigg & Gusset, notorious for their musical ingenuity as well as their mature production style, are now back in 2020 with their third album “The Way In”. This follow up to their internationally acclaimed “Adagio For The Blue” features eight soundly composed and tightly produced tracks.

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