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If there is one man who totally commits himself to listening music besides composing it, it would be Kreng. Kreng’s studio walls are transformed into musical libraries. A chronologically kept archive stacked with amazing rarities of the finest vinyl and CD releases.
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The DJ-set was played by Kreng using only unaccompanied solos on single instruments by some of the world’s best improvising musicians. The combination of free jazz & modern classical creates a tense hybrid. None of these musicians have actually been in the same room. The combination of these very individual statements creates a new world in sound.

1. LESTER BOWIE – Down Home (trumpet)
2. MIKE PATTON – Orgy In Reverb (10 Kilometers Of Lust) (voice)
3. DIAMANDA GALAS – Smell (voice)
4. RAJESH MEHTA – Not Yet (horn)
5. LESTER BOWIE – Organic Echo (trumpet)
6. DAVE HOLLAND – Flurries (bass)
7. MORTON FELDMAN – Intermission 6 For One Or Two Pianos (piano)
8. RAJESH MEHTA - Diftones (horn)
9. IANNIS XENAKIS – Rebonds (percussion)
10. ANTHONY BRAXTON – No. 118f (saxophone)
11. MIKE PATTON – A Lizard With The Skin Of Woman (voice)
12. DAVE HOLLAND – Under Redwoods (bass)
13. SAINKHO NAMCHYLAK – Aura (voice)
14. KESHAVAN MASLAK – One Million Little Russians (sax)
15. RAJESH MEHTA – Orka (horn)
16. LESTER BOWIE – Charlie M. (trumpet)
17. IANNIS XENAKIS – Keren (trombone)
18. MORTON FELDMAN – Piano For Four Hands (piano)
19. LAURENZ PIKE – Drums For Fun & Finess (drums)
20. IANNIS XENAKIS – Tetras (strings)
21. DAVE HOLLAND – Spheres (bass)
22. MIKE PATTON – Guinea Pig 1 (voice)
23. ANTHONY BRAXTON – Just Friends (sax)
24. GENE KRUPA & BUDDY RICH – Battle (drums)

** NOTE: Art work is based on an old ESP-Disk Flyer packed with Vinyls.


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