Humanworkshop Live in Frankfurt!

Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Monday the 17th of March, 2008
Where: Velvet Club, Frankfurt
When: April 12th, from 21:00 till 23:00

As "B-Film", Leisure-B and Tonfilm will combine their strengths and efforts in order to comply with the expectations of the hundreds of “new media artists” visiting NODE08 at the Velvet Club in Frankfurt. After 7 days of video overload, visitors of this “Forum for Digital Arts” will be able to feast their ears on the newest creations of both gentlemen. The set contains a couple of old tracks, rearranged to a fluid live composition, combined with a s#@tload of new and unreleased material. A preview of the set will be released soon, so stay tuned for that!

Line up:
VJ's: Onoxo (Zagreb), Elektromeier (Switzerland), Desaxismundi (France)
Live: "VA" (sanchTV and Nushitzu), Melchior Prod. (Cadenza, Berlin), Gaiser (m-nus/Detroit, USA), B-Film (Humanworkshop/Amsterdam)
DJ's: Alex Flitsch (Connaisseur Rec.) & Sylvie Marks (BPitch Control)

The NODE08 festival has derived from the real-time video programming environment VVVV, created by digital interior designers MESO in order to be able to create a solution to almost any video/audio problems one might run into during projects of the magnitude that their dealing with. Since the software (which' interface strongly resembles MAX/MSP) was so incredibly easy to use, and better yet, free to download for anyone, VVVV has gained enormous popularity among young video programmers. In order to greet all these new souls, MESO decided it was about time that they had a place to exchange ideas and increase their knowledge on the subject. NODE08 was born.

So, if you dig what we do, and you happen to be in Frankfurt at the time, be sure not to miss us, and if you're a video programmer visiting no matter if we play or not, same thing!!!

Here's a very early beta preview of a couple of the tracks converted into a live arrangement:




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