Placebo Tweaks

Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Sunday the 04th of December, 2011
This is a video version of the Audio Myths workshop from the October 2009 AES show in New York City. A couple of audio big shots (James Johnston, Poppy Crum, and Jason Bradley) take on the myth that your gear, and even the way you have it hooked up, have a big influence on the sounds it can produce.

I personally have a big problem with people who always think they need to buy something new in order to create col music. Sure, if buing cool gear is your hobby, than that's cool with me. But if people try to convince me I need to buy all kind of crap in order to get y set up working, that really pisses me off. In short, if your stuff doesn't work for you, it's probably you, and not the machines ;)


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