Free pure tuning VST

Written by Durk Kooistra on Sunday the 08th of March, 2009
Pure tuning is a tuning method not based on compromises in the intervals between the tones. In order to play a keyboard instrument with pure tuning, the Norwegian musicologist and composer Eivind Groven developed an automatic switching system, which served as the basis for many instruments that were built for him. The system still exists at the Groven Institute for Pure Tuning at Ekeberg in Oslo.

The system has been modernised by NOTAM in collaboration with musicologist David Loberg Code. NOTAM has also made a portable version, making it possible for anyone with a computer to play with pure tuning on a MIDI-keyboard. Everything that is required of software and sound fonts can be downloaded from this website, where one can also find information about the principles of pure tuning as well as about Grovenīs work.

The website also contains music and sound examples, plus material that can be used in education and other types of mediation. Click here to download. Both MAC and Windows are supported. Also check out the Steinway supplement!


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