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Written by Stephan Raab on Monday the 13th of April, 2009
Originally released by Fant00m, Humanworkshop just made an EP by Finnish artist Juri available for download. The EP has a total of 3 soothing atmospheric tracks that blend organic and synthetic sounds in true Scandinavian style. Time to learn more about the talented Juri.

So, Juri, I was introduced to your music by the Finnish producer Saine. It seemed like you were suddenly "there". How long have you been making music?

Iíve been composing my own music for about five years, but the songs on ĎThought it was loveí EP were the first complete ones. Before I got into electronic music I was interested in old blues and I think that minimalistic Ďbluesyí approach can still be heard in my music.

2. How would you like to describe your own music?

In my music I try to capture different feelings and moments. I like simple things and I try to apply that principle to my composing. I love to play with silence between notes and try to use only the notes that are really necessary for the composition.

I compose music out of different sounds and to me a guitar doesnít have to sound like a guitar, itís just a sound that I can process to suit my needs and usually change it to something completely different. I try to be creative with sampling and love to sample unusual sound sources; record raindrops falling on a windowsill or my cat eating, and make beats out of that. Anything that I can come up with.

3. You use Renoise for making music, why do you use this package? And did you use other tracker software before?

I actually found Renoise through Saine, who I met in 2003 when I started to study music in a small town called Virrat.

Well, I remember that I had some kind of tracker software on my Amiga 500 in the early 90ís, but I didnít have a clue how to use it! :)

I like the way things are done in a tracker work environment, itís so easy and fast to do all kind of tricks; re-trigger notes, pitch bends, change panning and volume of individual samples etc. I also like to work with samples more than VST instruments, so to me itís a big thing how fast and easily samples can be edited. Renoise combines all features of modern music software to a tracker interface, so to me itís a perfect tool.

4. Which season gives you the most inspiration?

Well, I have to say autumn. Here in Finland you can really see the difference between seasons and I think itís inspiring to see nature around you change really fast. I also like rainy days, so autumn is definitely my favoured season to compose.

5. Which CD is currently in your CD player? And why?

I have listened a lot of old Bob Dylan records lately. I have to say that Iím totally blown away by the fact that he was so good at such a young age. Amazingly strong music.

6. Which CD would you recommend to get?

Kind of Blue by Miles Davis is something you must have in your collection! Itís hard to believe that it was made in 1959, almost 50 years ago and it still sounds fresh. John Abercrombieís Timeless is another record that I have to mention and I think the title of it says it all.

7. What are your plans for the future, musically?

I try to develop my own sound further and make it stronger. I donít have any precise plans, I just let things come out naturally and find their own way.

8. Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Well, I really hope that people find my music interesting and if I manage to touch someone with my work, then I feel that I have succeeded.


Juriís Myspace


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