Written by Stephan Raab on Thursday the 23rd of April, 2009
In September 2007 the German/English label ‘City Centre Offices’ released the second album Sekunden by Swod. With Stephan Wöhrmann on piano and drums accompanied by Oliver Doerell on bass and electronics, this album takes the gentlemen even further on their path.

With warm piano sounds, lush drums and crackling electronics salted with some nice dusty noise, Swod created an album which breaks into your imagination.

As written on the website of City Centre Offices, while working on their album Stephan and Oliver constantly swapped music files and by doing so created the different layers of each track; “Recording Swod is like playing ping-pong”. Sounding like earlier released music by Triosk or Ryuichi Sakamoto, Sekunden is worth picking up. The CD version of the album also comes with two beautiful videos by Steffen Ramlow featuring Swod’s music:


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