A foundation of fools

Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Thursday the 18th of June, 2009
After working with Firnwald on his Obscure Mountain Lore project, Leisure-B decided to take it one step further by taking a shot at remixing his favourite Firnwald track, Der Narren Verlangen.

By using almost strictly material from the original, L-B has tried to maintain the feel and harmonies which made Der Narren Verlangen a unique piece of listening experience. Firnwald has always had a strong medieval undertone in his music, which in the case of this remix is being supported by a thick dusty hip-hop beat, occasionally interrupted by a slight haze of IDM.

Check the player below to listen to the track:
Foundation of Fools

Check the player below to listen to Leisure's Obscure Mountain Lore Remix:
Big Bear Critter (Obscure Mountain Lore remix)

External information:
- Der Narren Verlangen (original version)
- Firnwald Online
- Firnwald @ Last-FM
- Firnwald @ MySpace


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