New Mixes week 27

Written by Durk Kooistra on Thursday the 02nd of July, 2009
This week we have some great mixes. Lovely dark cinematic music from Blackfilm, a deep and heavy mix from Raoul Sinier and a Humanworkshop Mash-Up by BASIC.

Raw, complex, nonchalant and brutal are just a view words that come to mind when listening to Raoul Siniers music. Download

A great cinematic dj set by Blackfilm. Dark atmospheres and fat beats are the main ingredients, enjoy!

A classic mix from the now defunkt project of daan hendriks, BASIC. Enjoy one of BASIC's early steps into the realm of mixing, mashing up Humanworkshop tunes into some sort of MP3J-set. Basically he's just playing around with a couple of his favourite oldies by Remus and Leisure-B, and himself.


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