Free Foley Bass Kontakt Synth

Free Foley Bass Kontakt Synth

screenshot of the Instrument

I do one to one tutoring with artists and sound designers via my website. And after the great contribution by Nolan, aka Frequent, a student asked me about using foley in kontakt to create heavy bass sounds. So that’s exactly what we did. With the foley sounds in the pack from Nolan we created a set of patches and I later added a background and selected some parameters for the UI. Coincidentally Nolan has been doing lessons with me also, small world.

Kontakt Synth?

Besides the recordings of Nolan I used KSP scripting and built in FX. By adding FX chains in kontakt we can add harmonics. By using the scripting language to detune and set it in a nice legato mode we can end up with lovely sustained bass notes.

So after the session with my student I made a quick video and the UI and wanted to get this freebie to you all asap.


Feel free to download this pack of Kontakt patches and visit my website’s tutoring page.

19mb zip

Original Foley Pack

Download the original Foley pack by Frequent and start making foley basses yourself!

Sound Examples