Frequent Foley Sample Pack

Frequent Foley Sample Pack

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Foley recodings are used in post production of movies and in video games to enhance, replace and or simmulate sounds seen on screen. think footsteps, cloth movements to galloping horses.

Frequent, Aka Nolan Petruska is a rising star in the bass music scene. Making waves on labels like Adapted Records, Ammunition Records and recently started a sub label for Adapted with a befriended artist (Evoke).

In his workflow Foley sounds play an important role in the production of bass sounds for his highly technical strand of EDM.

We did a short Q&A with Nolan:

Q:When did you start with recording foley sounds

A:in the first week I got the mic, back in October

Q:How did you get started with the art of foley?

A:Perileyes (Sheridan Willard) offered me the mic for free so it was more just for the sake of using it than anything – didn’t realize how much I would actually end up using the samples

Q:What do you use it for?

A:Everything. Layering over basses, creating sweeps and sound effects, percussion, I haven’t really run into a situation where one of the samples isn’t useful or at least interesting honestly


Feel free to download this pack and visit his facebook page.

62mb zip

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