New release by Audeka

New release by Audeka

Going from incredible wet basses to big textures reminding you of a spaceship entering the stratosphere. Business box means business. Spud has Audeka flirting with hip hop style synth lines drenched in shattering basses: “A sort of technical experiment working with bitcrushed/compressed kick drums to create sub tones and textures. The name ‘Spud’ was inspired by the sort of ripping textures in the track that sound like pulling roots out of the ground. “As Skyler puts it.

Audeka 2014

Like a good abstract painting this release reveals it’s intricacy trough textures rather than tones. Trough groove rather than tempo. Weird out of place double bass jazz breaks that are interrupted by heavy synth bass intermezzos make the title track a rather fun listen. Skyler on Business Box: “A sort of humorous tune at heart. We imagined the days of black and white, and a kind sir waltzing to work in the morning saying “Bully Day!”

Finally the 4×4 to the floor track, and a first for Audeka: “Not the most impressive tune in terms of sound design, but we enjoyed the vibes. Was nice to take a break from doing sound design driven tracks, and create something that made us want to dance a bit.This track carries some extra value because it has been in our hard drive for nearly 2 years. We never really found a home for it until now, so it feels great to be able to show it to some people!” And we are very proud to be that home!

We are also more than pleased with this stellar remix added to this already wonderful release. Going out at 174. In style… Lockjaw style. Fresh, clean yet hench and dirty. Just the way we like it.

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