Rock The Biz - Music Industry Documentary

Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Saturday the 27th of March, 2010

Part 1: The Crisis

This introduction tells us all about the problems which are currently facing the music industry.

Part 2: Indie vs. Major

In this chapter, several musicians and publishers give their views on what is best for which musician.

Part 3: Selfrelease

DIY is a word which is often found in the Humanworkshop dictionary, this chapter gets into detail about the ifs and hows.

Part 4: New Media

This chapter tells us about the various internet platforms, and how and if to use them.

Part 5: Copyright

Copyright is an important thing, but when and how it applies often remains a big question. This chapter sheds some light on the subject.

Part 6: GEMA (the German Copyright Office)

This chapter focusses on the GEMA, the German version of the U.S. Copyright Office. Should you, do you want to?

Part 7: The Future of the CD

What is the best format for your music? This chapter discusses all the different media's pros & cons.

Part 8: Livegigs

How important and interesting is it actually to do live performances, and how can you use this to positivly influence your financial situation?

Part 9: Income

How to make money. No one really knows, but advice is always welcome!

Part 10: The Future Of Music

What do consumers want, and how can you serve it to them correctly? This chapter presents some nice alternatives to the usual recipy.

Part 11: Tips & Tricks

Now you've heard what the troubble is all about. How can you fix it? Check these tips & tricks...

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