Damscray - Blot Method EP

Written by Durk Kooistra on Saturday the 28th of May, 2011

Photo courtesy of Gimme5 by Michael Elkeslassy.

Damscray graces us with a new release. This time on the up and coming label Gimme5. While his side projects are taking up more and more and time, his solo work is still progressing and with that unique Damscray vibe, we better hope he stays on top of it..

Damscray's new EP entitled 'Blot Method' due to the stain each track leaves lingering in the listener's mind, is a conundrum made of controversies. It certainly has a minimalistic sound ('Sandworm') but it can also grows louder and heavier so that your head start nodding nervously ('One Finger Punch'). As introduced, Albert's release is a riddle that makes the Da Vinci Code looks like a mere find-the-seven-differences game. Itís loaded with hidden details, secret sounds heard only in intimacy, when one's abandon himself to the music. Re-affirming his tatar origin, there's an obvious ethnic vibe surrounding the whole EP, but Damscray melts it with visions from the future, mixing both oriental melodies and mad drums ('Bug Detector'). Definitely somewhere between a dark slower drumíníbass and a light-weighted intellectual IDM, this EP takes you on a mystical journey, from meditative dances ('Headplate') to belly-dancing euphoria ('The Rhythm Room').

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