Fire To The Stars - Keep You Safe

Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Monday the 11th of August, 2014
Six headed Fire To The Stars debuts on Humanworkshop with their six track EP Keep You Safe. As can be expected with an EP created by such an international range of artists, Keep You Safe features music in a wide variety of styles. Usually this proves to be a problem, but in this case each of the band members contritbutes in an unique and indispensable way. The result are six amazingly deep and intriguing tracks which together tell the tale of an emotional journey to find joy in life and love.

After hearing the EP, Monolog was quick to request the multitracks of EP title track Keep You Safe, and created a remix which is featured as the seventh track on this release.

Fire To The Stars are based in Australia and Sweden, and consist of: Petter Bertilsson, Daniel Beekman, Chloe Davies, Cat Tyson Hughes, Jim McDonald & Tim Spelman.

Recording: Casey Rice
Mastering: Roger Seibel
Artwork: Serina Shek

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Download now [70MB]

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