Humanworkshop Artists:

Hailing from the US, Audeka blend a string of flavours in to their own concoction of modern electronic music. The production trio with members Marty Cepeda, Max Cepeda, and Skyler Gerdeman "try and paint a picture with every production and express ideas that cannot be expressed with words. This part of the creative process is what we cherish and enjoy the most".

BASIC is the former alter ego of Humanworkshop co-founder Daan Hendriks. He's got a knack for headnodding beats and catchy themes, making his music loved amongst a broad selection of listeners due to its high accessibility and originality. For his best work, check out his solo album or the compilation Humanworkshop #1 .

B-Film is the ad-hoc combination of Humanworkshop artists Leisure-B and Tonfilm. As B-Film, both gentlemen have once performed in the Velvet Club in Frankfurt, Germany, in April 2008 and have released the illegal remix of Burnt Friedman’s remix of Nine Horses “The Banality of Evil”.

In a joint effort to accomplish a new degree in funky experimental music, Humanworkshop artists Tonfilm and Leisure-B, also know as B-Film, teamed up with the founder of the legendary Dutch Fant00m Records, also known by his artist name as Thor-Ltd. As B-Film Ltd they present a combination of their feel for electronic music, as well as indulging in a live interpretation of this material. The result is a thirty minute set which covers all the good things modern electronic music has to offer, from IDM to dub-step.

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Caveone always had a distinguished ear for music and also the sounds of the world in general. At a very young age he already conceptually grasped the notion that music is a universal language and that it was responsible for a great deal of emotional modulation of the synapses in the brain. As a result, he dove into his piano studies to master this new and promising dimension of communication.

After reaching adulthood he trekked into the world of producing and has not looked back since. The dark yet hopeful atmospheres created in Caveone’s tracks always consist of a combination of real and synthetic sounds. Drawing influences from neurohop, western classical music and progressive rock, his sound can be described as independent and unique.

Daan Hendriks is one of those artists that creates leftfield music without alienating his audience: his trademark is catchy, almost easy-listening music, but highly detailed and engaging. Musically, think steady hiphop/breakbeats with irresistible groove, topped up with beautiful, lyrical reed and brass melodies. He used to release under the moniker BASIC, also available on our site.

Damscray is the moniker of young and gifted Russian musician and experimental music producer Albert Khasanov from Orenburg. His atmospheric sound can be linked with trip-hop, downtempo, idm and its subgenres.

Alexei Kalinkin, also known as Dunai BuddhaMindCorporation is a musician and producer living and working in Moscow, Russia. His music is characterized by a strong and original urban feel combined by a futuristic production style. He uses Fruity loops and Reaper as DAW.

What can usually be considered a recipe for disaster works like a charm for Fire to the Stars. Half the band had collaborated previously, while the other half consists of people who got attached online. This now six-headed band from Melbourne and Stockholm Explores the realms of noisy melancholia.

Fire to the Stars are Petter Bertilsson, Daniel Beekman, Chloe Davies, Cat Tyson Hughes, Jim McDonald and Tim Spelman.

This year will see Frequent collaborating with the likes of Joe Ford and Fractal, releasing new music through Neurofunkgrid, The Glitch Shop, and Upscale Recordings, where he'll be teaming up again with Evoke for the fourth of many collaborative releases . Keep your ear to the ground, because this year Frequent is bringing new and innovative music to your doorstep, one way or another.

Remus' new band!

Leisure-B teamed up with techno producer Andy Rüter to form dupbstep collective "Indikings", which combines the skills of both Indians and Vikings in a musically compatible way. As a group, both gentleman made their Humanworkshop debut in June 2010 with "Ninja" on the Shikomizue EP.

Julian Winter is an independent musician from Germany. At a quite early age he learned that music can sometimes evoke arbitrary pictures in ones mind, and that that's the point where music becomes very emotive. His music contains a lot of ambient recordings from his surroundings, and if he finds something interesting, he's sure to records it and experiments with it on his DAW.

Claiming that the best thing about making music is that you become acquainted with a large number of artists from around the globe, his road has led Julian to meeting a lot of perfect strangers and very nice people in real life, as well as on the world wide web.

Juri’s music found its way to Fant00m via our good friend Mentz (tokyodawn, fant00m), who loved Juri’s music for some time now. And the fant00m crew also fell in love with the tranquile melody’s from this Finnish artist. Juri makes music with renoise, a tracker based music production software tool, remniscent to DOS based programs. “In my music I try to capture different feelings and moments. I like simple things and I try to apply that principle to my composing. I love to play with silence between notes and try to use only the notes that are really necessary for the composition.”

“I compose music out of different sounds and to me a guitar doesn’t have to sound like a guitar, it’s just a some sound that I can process to suit my needs and usually change it to something completely different. I try to be creative with sampling and love to sample unusual sound sources; record raindrops falling on a windowsill or my cat eating, and make beats out of that. Anything that I can come up with.”


Kreng started out as a strictly sample-based project, incorporating sounds from various sources: free-jazz, new electronic generated sounds, classical modernism & vintage geographical recordings. The project became a very cinematic, theatrical device that has been used by various directors. Kreng has now scored more that 15 theatre- & danceproductions, most of them produced by Abattoir Fermé’s director Stef Lernous & free-lance man Piet Arfeuille.

Lately Kreng has been involved in some collaborative projects with various members of Belgiums’ musical underground. Among them Sakuran & drummer Eric Thielemans. Future projects include remixes for Badawi (= Raz Mesinai who also records for John Zorn’s Tzadik label) & Thor_Ltd. (Check him out in my myspace friends-list; sheer genius).


Dutch born sound- and web designer Gerrit Elbrink has been producing music under the Humanworkshop umbrella, which he helped to found, since 2000.

Due to the large influence of sound design and composition on Leisure’s style, his tracks always have a very cinematic character and a very dynamic flow. The mood of his portfolio varies between danceable and loungy.

lysdexic is broken rhythms, abstract textures & vocal fragments. Part of the hopskotch crew (Melbourne), Lysdexic knows how to get a crowd dancing. A Master of the bass, from down under.

Maartez (Web designer, Sonologist student) makes software, guitars, websites, and great cinematic beat driven music. As a student at the royal conservatory in The Hague, Maartez supersizes sounds and trashes spring verbs. He has performed at festivals and events collaborating with various instrumentalists for live shows.

mentz is stephan raab making music between work, coherent conversations and daydreams. After getting a 1.44 floppy disk from a good friend with the MSdos based fasttracker2 music software packed on it, his new addiction was born. Now, some 12 years later, his love for this stuctured and at the same time somehow limited way of samplebased music making still remains. Using different software and tools, but still building loops, skits and sketches out of sampled old records, documentaries and several instrumentalists.

Monolog is a band formed by Leisure B. and the brothers Bas and Ramon Lookman. Originally coming from their hometown Bussum in the Netherlands Leisure and the Lookman bros go way back, so their musical endeavours already crossed paths many times in the past. It took up until may 2013 until they decided to work together.

Leisure B. comes from a background of sound design, thus his sounds have a cinematic character and a dynamic flow, with influences ranging from triphop, to dub, drum ‘n bass, jazz and old school. Leisure B. has been making music with various people/bands in different configurations. Originally a bass player, Leisure is a gifted producer that uses the studio as his personal playground, where styles and/or influences don’t matter as long as the end result is a piece de resistance in the nowadays mass media controlled pop culture. Leisure is based in Germany and is an important musical backbone for the area he lives in and for the musicians he works with.

The Lookman bros have been making music together since the age of 8 years old, Bas was playing the guitar while Ramon played the piano. It didn’t take long before they were kicked out of music lessons, originating from their problems with authority and started to teach each other how to play the piano and guitar, making them autodidact in almost everything they do in the musical landscape. They played in various bands and worked together with many musicians, but always found time to compose songs together, varying from alternative rock and pop, to triphop and cross-overs, resulting in music that still not has a label in modern music. Ramon his main contribution lies in the creative area and vocals and keys, where Bas his main contribution is rhythm and bass, guitars and overall composition.

The roles of the members of Monolog are divers and different as they each have their own specialty. Leisure and Bas are in charge of sound, rhythm/bass and production value where Ramon usually is the creative coming up with the initial idea before running off to the next idea. If a good idea pops up, Bas and Leisure are normally the ones coming up with the know how and input to make it a real good song. Together they master all the musical elements essential for a high quality production. However they work with many musicians from different musical backgrounds making Monolog possible, ranging from guitar/bass and drum players, to percussionists, vocalists, violin/cello players and all the other musical elements needed to make Monolog possible.

Monolog therefore is an ongoing creative collaboration, serving as a quality stamp for a mixture of styles thereby crossing the musical divide.

As DJ's Jesse de Rooy and Jelle Geus know how to get people dancing. In their music they are surpassing conventional stereo types. Ranging from wonky beats and glitchy sounds to twisted bass lines you might encounter in a deep neurofunk DnB track. Keep an eye on these lads!

Two Dutch guys making computer music. Releases on Adapted Records, Caliber Music, Humanworkshop While Bart Knol is mainly focused on instrumental and composition aspects of music making, Durk Kooistra has a background in sound design and rather makes an instrument than playing one. Together they explore mixing organic sounds with heavily processed sounds in a accessible style. Rather aiming to make dance then look interesting

The multi-talented Remus never ceases to amaze his listeners. An avid guitar player, he has a love for subsonic frequencies and wide-sounding productions. Ranging from drum and bass to downtempo, off-beat electronica, his music is of outstanding quality and variety.

The ever restless ThorLtd (aka Durk Kooistra) never ceases to experiment and improve his craft. A master of glitch, he's not your everyday type of noise producing artist, as his musicality and feel shines through in all of his productions. From tender, whispering plucks and melodies to hard hitting, glitch-noisy breakbeats, ThorLtd is one to watch.

Tonfilm is a video artist who likes to spend his spare time making downtempo, organic and beatdriven music. He often collaborates with musicians to create his particular brand of live sounding electronica.

A collab project of Transient (Miasmah, etc) and Violent Public Disordarez.

Trigg is a Dutch producer/dj who started creating music somewhere in de nineties. His first solo-album ‘Outside Vision’ was released early 2007 under the name Velvet Overdrive. This was also his first record without any constraints regarding style or composition. This resulted in a mix of electronica, triphop, postrock and nu-jazz. His 2nd album is finished. It’s an ambient album called ‘Soil’, which will be part of an art-project with several visual artists.

Trigg & Gusset are producer Bart Knol and woodwind specialis Erik van Geer. Their common passion for slow jazz, atmospheric electronics and tense grooves resulted in 2013 in their debut-album ‘Legacy of the Witty’.

Add hoc live soundscape duo consisting of dutchmen Bart Knoll and Jurren Mekking.

We sometimes release just a single or a few tracks by other artists that are in some way affiliated to Humanworkshop, or who we simply like and ask if we can host some of their work. Check them out here.