Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Caveone always had a distinguished ear for music and also the sounds of the world in general. At a very young age he already conceptually grasped the notion that music is a universal language and that it was responsible for a great deal of emotional modulation of the synapses in the brain. As a result, he dove into his piano studies to master this new and promising dimension of communication.

After reaching adulthood he trekked into the world of producing and has not looked back since. The dark yet hopeful atmospheres created in Caveone’s tracks always consist of a combination of real and synthetic sounds. Drawing influences from neurohop, western classical music and progressive rock, his sound can be described as independent and unique.

Music by Caveone:


Fire to the Stars - Keep You Safe remix
On The Shore Of Uncertainty
Sunday Jam
That Smile Says It All
The Next Step
Waiting For