Our Crew:

Daan is a sound designer and music producer living and working in the UK. He specialises in videogame audio, but also has completed work on several projects for more linear media.

Durk is a sound designer and musician from The Netherlands. Durk specialises in sound manipulation and implementing sound design in a musical context. Also has a thing for anything Bass.

Gerrit is a web developer, sound designer and music producer, living and working in Germany. He programmed our website, and contributes heavily towards our audio content.

Remus is a composer and sound designer living and working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He specialises in cinematic scores and orchestration.

Tim is a composer and keyboardist, currently living and working in Hilversum, the Netherlands. He specializes in real-time composition and is capable of voicing and arranging any musical style imaginable.

Uwe is a motion designer, born and based in Germany. Since he's fascinated by the way audio is influenced by video and vice versa, hes joined the HWS to help out with the video section. His projects include co-operations with Humanworkshop artists Leisure-B, Juri and ThorLtd.