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E-Zine: FM8 Wobble Bass Tutorial

Since itís been a while since we published a free tutorial, we figured now would be a good time to bring you some FM8 action.

E-Zine: Leisure-B - Live In Space

Leisure-B reports back to mission control with a hybrid video / mp3 release, supported by an extensive tutorial on the recording process.

E-Zine: Harmonic quantizing: The Schwarzonator for Live

Some people just don't seem able to understand harmonic structure. Now these people can play the piano and no one will ever notice their complete lack of insight!

E-Zine: Kriminal Free VST's

I found a website with a couple of vintage synth models in VST format. Good to add; they are free!

E-Zine: Usine Multi touch demonstration

Usine is a nifty piece of software that can act as a host or VST and is geared towards live performances and multi touch screen interfaces.

E-Zine: Cakewalk freebies

Cakewalk is giving away some of their older synth's for free. Some golden oldies from back in the days.

E-Zine: Tonehammer giveaways

Tonehammer has some nice Christmas giveaways. Every 24hours they have a new free download or discount.

E-Zine: Free TC Electronic reverb plugin

Grab a free TC Electronic reverb VST/AU plug-in.

E-Zine: 3 Free Kontakt Instruments

We have tweaked single shot samples into complete chromatic pad instruments and step sequenced synth leads.

E-Zine: Free pure tuning VST

Pure tuning is a tuning method not based on compromises in the intervals between the tones. And its FREE!

E-Zine: Joystick to midi

An overview of available free plug-ins that can convert your joystick to a midi controller.