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E-Zine: Monolith

Animator Wip Vernooij teamed up with Leisure-B for his sound design, and old times sake, in this abstract dramady animation shorty short.

E-Zine: Mike Patton scored Crank 2

For people who think composing soundtracks is all fun and games, they seem to be absolutely right! Mike shows you how to keep your working conditions playful.

E-Zine: Fast HD access with Samsung SSD

Is it possible to rip a DVD faster than it would take to toss it out of a first floor window? It seems so!

E-Zine: St Sanders: quality crap

St Sanders creates parody music to video clips from well known musicians. Be sure to read on if you want to have a good laugh...

E-Zine: World's most famous 'sound designer' put behind bars

This news is a few weeks old already, but worth mentioning here for the people who are not aware... Brice Carrington, the biggest con artist of all time in the sound industry, has finally been put behind bars.