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Download: GlitchHop Mix

Andy Rüter hits hard with this Dub-Glitch Neuro Funk mixtape, combining the rugged with the smooth in a very soothing way.

Download: Dubstep Mix

With Andy on the Traktor, and Leisure-B on the KP 3, this mix satisfies all your dubstep needs.

E-Zine: The Shikomizue EP

It's been a long wait, but finally we're bringing you some fresh new music! This time Humanworkshop reveals it's dubstep side with the ''Shikomizue'' EP.

Download: Shikomizue Mix

Techno producer Andy Rüter got together with Leisure-B to explore the undiscovered realms of funky electronic music. On their quest, they created the Ninja, as well as this DJ mix, to support the upcoming "Shikomizue" EP.

Download: Gimme 5 - Issue 13

Damscray's newest mix orgy, focussing mainly on old school east coast breakbeat and rap material.

Download: Gimme5

A great DJ set by Damscray, featuring Amon Tobin, Exile, Milanese and many more.

E-Zine: New Mixes (HWP 012)

Oh yes, time for podcast goodness people! We have a great set by our friend Comfortfit and Dextro.

Download: Crisis Management

A fresh podcast by hitmeister Comfort Fit. Mixing wonky hip hop, some dubstep, breakbeats and crazy intermezzo's... enjoy this excellent mix!

Download: Live @ Tronic

Great liveset by Dextro. Performed at Tronic in 2008. Dextro's music is a combination of ambient melodies and down tempo beats.

Download: FGT: Olreet

Dark, jazzy, funky and bass heavy trip hop to cinematic breaks: Far Go traders spin their finest in this 1 hour mix.

E-Zine: New Mixes Week 35

A special edition of this weeks podcast post. We are asking YOU to compile your favorite tracks in our catalog.

E-Zine: New Mixes Week 34

We have a special edition this week. One of our best live recordings in the catalog, Maartez & Frits Live at Stork

Download: Doomoostudio HWS Set

Our Lithuanian friends Doomoostudio are most likely the most energetic DJs we have ever come across, who easily and regularly mix for up to 6 hours in a row during the night, go home in the early afternoon to throw an afterparty, then catch some slee

E-Zine: New Mixes Week 33

This week's DJ sets are all about breaks and groove, with contributions from DoomooStudio and Daan Hendriks.

E-Zine: New Mixes Week 32

A great dubstep mix by our Australian friend Lysdexic and South african lounge meastro DJ Khoisan.

Download: the Matrix 2.0

This mix, titled The Matrix 2.0, is the 1st part of a 3 part series of mixes inspired by the movie “The Matrix”. Khoisan included 2 Humanworkshop tracks

Download: Dubstep Mix Live @ Vishuddha

Our Australian friend & Dubstep meastro Lysdexic sent us another recording of a live set. This time performed @ Vishuddha. Highly recommended!

Download: HWS mix week 31

Endulge yourself in the bizarre musical world of TEP with this one of a kind podcast. Highly recommended!

E-Zine: New Mixes Week 31

This week we have a mix by TEP (Bedroom Research) and Khoisan (Bushman Records), enjoy!

Download: Unsung Urban Wisdom

Khosian sent us a nice DJ set featuring Creative Commons arists. Support the commons! enjoy this luscious mix of down tempo trip hop.

E-Zine: New Mixes Week 30

Its silly season again, or as the dutch call it 'cucumber time'. This weeks cucumbers: Leisure B and Thorltd

E-Zine: New Mixes Week 29

This week we have 2 special podcasts for you all. Mad EP (Add Noiseam, Acroplane) and our own Daan Hendriks.

Download: Mad EP HWS Mix 1

A really lovely mix by bass meastro Mad EP. Edgy hip hop, heavy manipulated voices, soothing melodies, and naturally some heavy bass.

E-Zine: New Mixes week 28

This week 2 new mixes. Our first Label showcase is by the infamous insubordinations Netlabel. And we found a lovely mix in our archives by DJ Salvador.

E-Zine: New Mixes week 27

Lovely dark cinematic music from Blackfilm, a heavy mix from Raoul Sinier and a Mash-Up by BASIC. (pic by Raoul Sinier)

Download: RS HWS Mix

Raw, complex, nonchalant and brutal are just a view words that come to mind when listening to Raoul Siniers music. Rap, glitchy beats and counter pointed organ phrases.

Download: Blackfilm HWS Mix

A great cinematic dj set by Blackfilm. Dark atmospheres and fat beats are the main ingredients, enjoy!

Download: Damaq Mix III

Another great set by Lackluster. Fine IDM like we are used from our friend in Finland, with many tracks from the u-cover era.

E-Zine: New Mixes week 26

This week we have some deep and grungy dupstep, the last in a series of 3 by Lackluster and a wonderful DJ set by Kreng.

Download: HWS Dubstep Mix

Gritt compiled some of his best tracks for us resulting in a great 30 minute set of luscious deep and grimy dubstep.

E-Zine: New Mixes week 25

This week we have another mix by Lackluster, some Afro Beat and a live set by Raoul Santos!

Download: Kuti & Co

In this podcast we bring you music from Seun Kuti, and covers of Fela Kuti tracks by Antibalas and the Chicago Afrobeat Project . Curated by Durk.

Download: Damaq Mix II

We asked Lackluster to add some mixes to our database. And so he did. Introducing the second in a series of 3.

Download: Footprints Vol. 10 For Human

A special Mix Matam made for Humanworkshop, featured on the legendary Footprints [formally known as]

Download: Damaq Mix 1

We asked Lackluster to add some mixes to our database. And so he did. Introducing the first in a series of 3.

E-Zine: New Mixes week 24

We have received some wonderful mixes and podcasts by artists like Lackluster, Matam, Lysdexic and naturally our own crew. A short overview

Download: Dubstep mix Live @ Somatica

Lysdexic performed at somatica Festival 09, a great set of raw and deep dubstep