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Download: Atomar Sense remix

When he first heard Atomar Sense, he was immediately struck by the enormous coolness of the melody lines and orchestration. There was basically no way around doing this remix, which features raps by the man himself, and a future funk solo by Michael

Download: Clever remix

Julian completely flipped the vibe of the original Clever, niftily reworking her so that it's future funk elements are absorbed into a cinematic and soothing track, perfect for supporting philosophical sunday afternoon contemplation.

Illdot0 (The album)

Illdot0 is the debut EP of Moscow based producer Alexei Kalinkin, also know as Dunai. The EP features five original tracks ranging from jazzy hip hop to modern day electronica, as well as remixes by Leisure-B and Julian Winter. Artwork by: Uwe Schwe

E-Zine: Dunai - Illdot0

Moscow based producer Alexei Kalinkin debuts on Humanworkshop with a seven track EP featuring remixes by Leisure-B and Julian Winter.

E-Zine: Metamorph

Six Humanworkhsop artists create seven remixes covering an enormous musical spectrum, ranging from sound-scape indy to dancehall dubstep.

Download: Fire to the Stars - Made Of Fire remix

Slow downbeat track with reminiscent guitars and vocals by Cat Tyson Hughes. This track is a remix of Fire to the Stars’ remix of Monlog’s Another day.

Download: Julian Winter - LA remix

Dark and dreamy like a winters day in front of an enormous fireplace in a deserted castle. Cat Tyson Hughes comes on strong with a new vocal part, accompanied by an actual cello quartet arranged by Tim Spelman. This track is a remix of Julian Winter’

Download: Fire to the Stars - Starting With M remix

Vibed completely different, the Monolog boys tried to give a futuristic, poppy twist to the somewhat introspective original of Fire to the Stars’ Starting With M.

Download: Julian Winter - Dour remix

Leisure dug deep into the multitracks of Julian Winter’s Dour to look for some hidden booty. What came out was a dub’ish, deep bassed, synthed up version of the original, with a strong emphasis on it’s splendid guitar solo.

Download: Monolog - Beautifull remix

Nasty as always, Gritt completely rips it with this crazy, out of the box dancehall compatible version of Monolog’s epic track Beatifull. Big basses combined with a strong and up front use of the original vocals, patched in nicely between a tight set

Download: Remus - Herr Obersturmbahnführer remix

Leisure takes it way over the top with this extremely nasty drum and bass remix of Remus’ classical track Herr Obersturmbahnführer, which is part of the VERZET original soundtrack. This remix features exclusive dialog from the movie.

Download: Fire to the Stars - Keep You Safe remix

Caveone takes a very personal and heavy bassed approach to Fire to the Stars Keep You Safe, allowing the recorded lyrics by Cat Tyson Hughes to come across a lot more up front. Slow and dreamy yet intense, this track finishes off nicely what Julian h

Metamorph (The album)

Compilation album featuring a broad range of Humanworkshop artists and styles. All tracks are remixes of recent Humanworkshop releases. Artwork: Uwe Schweer-Lambers, Gerrit Elbrink Mastering: Gerrit Elbrink Or download alternatively as a ZIP file

Download: Business Box (Lockjaw Remix)

Great track by Lockjaw. Dnb with a twist.

E-Zine: How to: Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up PART2

You've seen the original Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up how to. Now feast you're eyes on this in depth Ableton tut which takes it even one step further.

E-Zine: Good Copy Bad Copy

As we all know by know, copyright is dying a slow and painful death. This 2007 documentary takes an in depth look at how things could have gotten so out of hand.

Download: Sleazy Dinky

E-Zine: The Dinky Toy Remix EP

Find out who are the winners of our Dinky Toy remix, and download a fabulous EP while you're at it.

Download: Kinky Boy (Dinky Toy Remix)

Remix of Dinky Toy by BASIC.

Download: Dinky Toy Driveby Mix

Remix of BASIC's Dinky Toy, by BASIC's new moniker Mr Answer.

Download: Dinky Toy Remix

Remix of Dinky Toy by BASIC. Lysdexic's entry was one of the two winners of the remix competition we organised in late 2009.

Download: Dinky Toy Remix

A remix of BASIC's Dinky Toy. Jimi Python was one of the two winners of the remix competition we organised in late 2009.

Dinky Toy Remix EP (The album)

As Dinky Toy is to date our best selling single tune, we decided we should do a remix EP. To accompany this we organised a remix competition of which we selected two winners, being Jimi Python and Lysdexic. The EP also features remixes by Humanworksh

Download: Hot Wheels (Dinky Toy remix)

Remix of Dinky Toy by BASIC.

E-Zine: Dinky Toy Remix Competition has closed!

The Dinky Toy remix competition has now officially been closed! We will review all submissions, the winners will be announced at the 1st of February, 2010.

E-Zine: Familiar Sounds

Did you ever recognise samples in a song and just couldn't figure out where they're from? This website tells you everything.

E-Zine: Dextro releases free Bonobo remix

Dextro brings us 4 free tracks. A Bonobo Remix and 3 previously unreleased tracks.

E-Zine: Dinky Toy remix competition

Remix the most popular Humanworkshop tune ever released! Sound interesting? Please read further and download the sample pack!

E-Zine: New Mixes Week 30

Its silly season again, or as the dutch call it 'cucumber time'. This weeks cucumbers: Leisure B and Thorltd

E-Zine: Remix DJ Vadim

Ninja Tune artist DJ Vadim has been nice enough to share the stems of the track "I want to shout out" on Also make sure to check out ThorLtd's Remix!

E-Zine: A foundation of fools

After working with Firnwald on his Obscure Mountain Lore project, Leisure-B decided to take it one step further by taking a shot at remixing his favourite Firnwald track, Der Narren Verlangen.

Download: Big Bear Critter (Obscure Mountain Lore remix)

After working with Firnwald on the upcoming Dinky Toy Remix net release, he asked us to contribute to his Obscure Mountain Lore remix project. Leisure grabbed the opportunity by the balls and came up with the Big Bear Critter, a somewhat more convent

Download: Akira vs. Konono (live)

Download: Joanna, mother of my children

A never finished tune by BASIC (r.i.p.), now released to the hungry public to celebrate the Death of BASIC. Pretty fly tune actually.

Download: Hello Neighbour

This debut of the combination Tonfilm / Leisure-B, aka B-Film, is a remix of Burnt Friedman's remix of Nine Horses' “The Banality of Evil”. Since the original remixed track was just screaming for a little beatwork, the boys decided to give it their b

Download: Humanworkshop Mashup - Tryout nr. 1

One of BASIC's early steps into the realm of mixing, mashing up Humanworkshop tunes into some sort of MP3J-set. Basically he's just playing around with a couple of his favourite oldies by Remus and Leisure-B, and himself.

Download: Tobin vs Jackson vs CobraKiller

A strictly illegal combination of the following three tracks: Amon Tobin - Rosies, Michael Jackson - Billy Jean and Cobra Killer - Mund Auf, Augen Zu. Combined for your pleasure by mr. BASIC.

Download: Jackson vs Nautilis

A strictly illegal mashup of the following two tracks: Michael Jackson - Billy Jean Nautilis - 888

Download: Because I CAN Stop (live)

From Leisure-B @ Mellow Gold

Download: Give Me Your Love (illegal remix / live)

From Daan Hendriks @ Jetto Festival