Indikings - Shikomizue Mix

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Techno producer Andy Rüter got together with Leisure-B to explore the undiscovered realms of funky electronic music. On their quest, they created the Ninja, as well as this DJ mix, to support the upcoming "Shikomizue" EP.
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Crystalite - SiBegg
Crystalite - Vent
Crispy Crisp - Vent
Computer Music - Opiuo
Bear Crunk - Vent
Slip - Opiuo
Monkey Crunk - Opiuo
King Prawn - Opiuo
Itchy Feet - Vent
Slip - Vent
The Freaky Bean - Opiuo
Forensic Lick - Opiuo

Indikings - Shikomizue Mix by Leisure-B


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Posted on Monday the 07th of June, 2010 by
Very nice one guys!


Posted on Monday the 07th of June, 2010 by Gerrit Elbrink
Thanks mate! Stay tuned for more Indikings mixes and tracks!


Posted on Monday the 07th of June, 2010 by Daan Hendriks
Thanks for pointing me towards this music, as it is really fantastic stuff and very inspiring.

On a critical note, it seems a bit too cheeky to brand this with your own name and as a support for your next release, as it is more a Opiuo/Vent promotion than anything that has actually to do with you guys.

Posted on Friday the 18th of June, 2010 by Albert Khasanov
amazing! so dope