Leisure-B - Live In Space

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Leisure-B - Live In Space by Humanworkshop


Live In Space has been in the making over some time now, it's idea is originally based on B-Film's Live @ NODE08 set up. Electronic is usually different from music played by ''conventional'' instruments in the sense that in cannot be performed in a ''live situation'' other than being played by DJs. Apart from remixes, this makes every track ''unique'', since it's structure and instrumentation cannot be replaced or altered during a live performance.

Since most people don't just like a certain song, but rather a particular version or cover of a composition, this leaves a wide gap for composers and producers of electronic music. With the Live In Space set up, Leisure tried to create a live environment in which new music can easily be imported and performed intuitively, while at the same time being able to create high quality recordings of the material on the fly. By cutting up the final version of the set in single tracks again, a wide arrange of versions can be created, depending on the mood of the controller and cooperation of other musicians during recording of each new performance.

Besides material from Leisure's solo project, the album also contains tracks from collaborations done over the years, including more recent projects like Polysure and Indikings, but also oldies by the likes B-Film, known from the NODE08 set.

In Detail

As with the NODE08 set, the big idea is to create a musical environment which behaves somewhat like a console game. The composition moves on and evolves by itself within certain boundaries, and can from there on be easily be manipulated into something new and unexpected.

To import a track into the arrangement, one has to divide the mix into five parts, in most cases: Drums, Percussion, Bass, Lead Instruments and Background Instruments. Once the five master tracks are rendered, they are imported into ableton, they are split up into parts of sixteen bars. This creates quite a large clip view composition, but enables you to trigger each 16 bars separately. Also it makes it possible to combine differing parts of drums and instruments, thus creating an almost never ending variety of music with a limited amount of clips.

On the effects front two outputs are used. One leads to a small effects chain containing a beatrepeat and a delay, before hitting it of into the Korg Kaosspad 3. The other one goes into a larger effects chain, also containing a beatrepeat, multiple delays and finally Native Instruments Fast FX. The Fast FX is a somewhat older unit of the ''Electronic Instruments'' kit and it contains a looper, a granular effect, a direct reverse option and some delay – filter thingies, the latter not being used. Most of the Fast FX and effect chain parameters are either controlled by the Behringeer BCF2000 or by the Behringen FCB1010 footpedal.

Each of the five master audio tracks is routed to an effects send (send only) which either leads to the Kaosspad or the Fast FX chain. These outputs can be re-routed at the push of a button, so audio can be routed while playing the set without any noticeable difference in sound or volume.


Since the set has been live recorded, real time video of it's creating is always available. As with the NODE08 set, a full length video version is available, as well as videos of each single track. For more info visit our youtube channel.


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