Humanworkshop Intro

Written by Gerrit Elbrink on Tuesday the 20th of November, 2012

Download the FM8 patches here: (FM8 1.2.1)

Download now [10 patches >1 MB]

About the video

For the realization of the Intro animation, we used RealFlow, Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects. All the liquid simulations are done in Realflow. After that the exported meshes were imported into Cinema 4D where textures and lighting was taken care of. Additional animations were completed with Cinema's deformers. The final composing and retouch was done in After Effects.

About the audio

After EQUILOUD had finished the video, it was time for some audio action. We used FM8 for the main "character" sounds, each sound being crafted from a clean patch. All bass sounds are then split up into 3 frequency bands, which are each compressed individually. After the composition stage we added some modulation on Native Instruments Fast FX to give the sound a granular touch.

After all bass sounds were done a drum score was composed, and additional sound effects added to create a more lively flow.

More stuff:


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