Caveone - Upgraded

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The dark yet hopeful atmospheres created in Caveoneís tracks always consist of a combination of real and synthetic sounds. Drawing influences from neurohop, western classical music and progressive rock, his sound can be described as independent and unique.

This first Album is a combination of an orchestral set up combined with a heavy drum kit and finished off nicely with neuro inspired basses and lead synths. It should be regarded as a conceptual step towards his goal of having the basis of the classical elements of his compositions performed by an actual band of trained musicians.

Upgraded gives you the strange feeling of looking back as well as in the future at the same time. With itís dramatic lightness itís comfortable to the ear while at the same time striking a clearly nostalgic note.

Alternatively, you can download the release as a ZIP file here:

Download now [44MB]

Mastering: Steve Benford
Artwork: Eka Perdana

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