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E-Zine: Free Foley & FX library by Enzella and Phobia

Another great sample pack for you all folks! More foley and sfx this time. A nice assortment of sounds!

Tail Chaser (The album)

The Tail Chaser EP is the latest sonic expedition from the mad mind of Frequent, who's unique sound design and consistently mind-blowing musical architecture have netted him releases on Adapted Records, Ammunition Recordings and now on Humanworkshop

E-Zine: Free Foley Bass Kontakt Synth

We made a couple of Kontakt patches with the Frequent foley pack. Heavy bass sounds sourced from unlikely objects.

E-Zine: Placebo Tweaks

Every engineer has once in his life tweaked an eq to perfection, only to find out later it was bypassed. If you haven't had this, you're lying! A great talk about what works and what doesn't.

E-Zine: Life Without Harold

The new short film by Henning Worm featuring music by Humanworkshop artists Damscray, Tonfilm and Remus.

E-Zine: Dark Sector vegetable abuse

Dark Sector is a third-person shooter, which means the sound design contains a lot of gut spilling, head smashing and neck breaking sounds. How do they do it?

E-Zine: Portable Mini Vocal Booth

In this tutorial we will make a DIY portable mini vocal booth that can be used to record your voice on the road