Frequent Tail Chaser EP out now!

Frequent Tail Chaser EP out now!

We are very pleased to be releasing this EP by the American artist Frequent.

Frequent, aka Nolan Petruska is making waves in the ‘bass music’ scene. His previous works were experimental while not alienating the listener too much with bass noise fetishism. An often missing key in bass music seems to be, ironically music. With the tail chaser EP Nolan manages to take even further steps away from the screaming bass sounds.

Not that there is not enough left for the true bass connoisseur, there certainly is. However this time we are being immersed in a field of sound design goodness, playful and even fairy tale like due to smart vocal work. Each bass hit is anticipated by the listener yet the impact hit’s harder than your average brostep drop.
It looks like it will be a busy year for Frequent as he recently founded Upscale Recordings with good friend and collaborator Evoke and the Adapted Records team, supporting some of the most genre-defying music in the industry.

Upscale offers aspiring artists the opportunity to release quality neuro music through Adapted Records’ esteemed promotional network, where Frequent himself debuted his first EP in 2013. The label is established primarily to push the “neuro” sound, but as Frequent & Evoke demonstrated earlier this year with their free release of All the Same, neuro is an expansive and diverse landscape waiting to be explored. As more and more people take note of Frequent’s unique style and influence, the future is looking bright for this talented young producer.

This year will see Frequent collaborating with the likes of Joe Ford and Fractal, releasing new music through Neurofunkgrid, The Glitch Shop, and Upscale Recordings, where he’ll be teaming up again with Evoke for the fourth of many collaborative releases . Keep your ear to the ground, because this year Frequent is bringing new and innovative music to your doorstep, one way or another.


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