Julian Winter

Julian Winter is an independent musician from Germany. At a quite early age he learned that music can sometimes evoke arbitrary pictures in ones mind, and that that's the point where music becomes very emotive. His music contains a lot of ambient recordings from his surroundings, and if he finds something interesting, he's sure to records it and experiments with it on his DAW.

Claiming that the best thing about making music is that you become acquainted with a large number of artists from around the globe, his road has led Julian to meeting a lot of perfect strangers and very nice people in real life, as well as on the world wide web.

Music by Julian Winter:


And All The Rest Of Them
Broad Boardwalk
Clever remix
Dipsy Drips
Fire to the Stars - Made Of Fire remix
Highty Hangtime
Life's Pace In Slow Motion
Make Some Coffee
Monomania Marshal
Ok Let's Go
Random Radio
Xhaust (feat. Smooch Simian)



Slow Movement