Juri’s music found its way to Fant00m via our good friend Mentz (tokyodawn, fant00m), who loved Juri’s music for some time now. And the fant00m crew also fell in love with the tranquile melody’s from this Finnish artist. Juri makes music with renoise, a tracker based music production software tool, remniscent to DOS based programs. “In my music I try to capture different feelings and moments. I like simple things and I try to apply that principle to my composing. I love to play with silence between notes and try to use only the notes that are really necessary for the composition.”

“I compose music out of different sounds and to me a guitar doesn’t have to sound like a guitar, it’s just a some sound that I can process to suit my needs and usually change it to something completely different. I try to be creative with sampling and love to sample unusual sound sources; record raindrops falling on a windowsill or my cat eating, and make beats out of that. Anything that I can come up with.”


Music by Juri:


Days Before
Thought It Was Love


Thought It Was Love